Monday, February 20, 2012


Ok. So I started this blog all gung ho... & after 4 posts I fall off. Ugh. Ok. Time to get back on! Here's what I've been up to since I last posted:

Valentine's Day - as I work in the floral industry, this one kind of goes without saying (but for those that don't get the floral industry, I will explain). Basically from about February 9th through February 15th, it was crazy busy at work. Getting V-Day flowers in, checking/pulling/packing/sending out orders, then following up with the florists to make sure everything was right/good. If I don't do my job well, they can't do their job well. If I've done mine right, then everyone is happy! {Side note: even if I do my job right, if your hubby forgot to get you flowers, that is out of my control...}

I DID manage to sneak in a girls evening with E, & some mommy/son time with A the weekend before V-day... E & I went to this FABULOUS place here in Lincoln called Porridge Papers. Christopher puts on this fantastic event called Love on the Run every year. In a nut shell, you go to the studio, type out a valentine on a typewriter {you know those things before computers...}, take a picture, roll up your valentine & put it in a bottle. Then on Valentine's Day he & his Valenteers HAND DELIVER all of the valentines!!! This year I think there was close to 500!!! The coolest part? Because Christopher is so awesome ~ it's all FREE as a service to the community! That was my girls night with E.

The following day, A & I stayed in while Mike & E went to a confirmation thing. We played games, colored, & did a little shopping. It was a very fun & relaxing day!!

I also managed to squeeze in some time with my girlfriends {check out Cooper Avenue for more details...}.

Then it was mostly day to day life me that got in my way... I had PLENTY of cool things going on that I thought "I should be blogging about this..." but never got it done or did the things I needed to do them (like take pictures)!  Friday the 17th was Hubby's birthday. I planned a surprise dinner party for him with some close friends. It was a lot of fun & oh so yummy!! I tried a new recipe (I love using people as guinea pigs!) with potatoes (spray olive oil in the roaster, put quartered potato wedges in, drizzle with olive oil, sprinkle with Italian seasoning & crushed peppercorn/garlic & roast @ 425* for 25 minutes) Easy Peasy!!! I did over cook them a little (I missed my timing & cooked them for about 40 minutes - OOPPS!!). They were still super yummy though! Paired it with a nice salad & some bacon wrapped sirloin & stuffed chicken grillers. YUM-O!!! It was WONDERFUL to visit with friends & entertain.

There was also a little bit of illness thrown into the mix (me with icky sinus stuff, & A with ANOTHER ear infection - #4 in 2 months)!! I keep hoping things will slow down just a little, but looking ahead at the calendar, that doesn't look like it will happen anytime soon. That's ok though, I will just have to get better about keeping up with things. Hope you are all staying healthy & having fun!!

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  1. It was awesome being your guinea pig! The potatoes were a hit I'd say. I could have done without the cold though lol! You're such an awesome friend to share it hehehe!