Thursday, July 12, 2012


For my birthday (a long time ago) my mom got me Jillian Michaels' book, Unlimited, for me on cd, so I can listen to it while traveling for work. I - LOVE - it!! It is inspirational in the no-crap way that Jillian has. Definitely something I can (& will) listen too again & again. It inspired me to start a vision board. 

A vision board is basically an inspiration piece that you can look at everyday. And often! Since I am just getting started on mine, I don't have any pictures of it yet. Basically it includes things that inspire you or things you want. Kind of the whole "Wish it - Dream it - Do it" thing. Mine will definitely have pictures of my family, 
quotes that inspire me, a mustang convertible (because I want one), pictures of open spaces and fields (because that brings me peace). What ever it is you want or that makes you happy is what goes on this board. 

Here are a few prints that I have found that I sent off to the printer today! They inspire me and will be going up in my kitchen

and by my treadmill.

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  1. I love the one about your legs aren't giving out, your head is giving up. Love it, love it! That may be one I need to send of to the prtiner and get framed to put in every single room of my house!