Tuesday, August 28, 2012

State Fair Bound

On Friday, we will be loading up the lambs and heading to the Nebraska State Fair in Grand Island. I can't wait! I love going to see all of the work the kids did this year and seeing how E's projects did. I kind of cheated this year by looking online, but nonetheless I am still super excited to go see them in person! This year, she had 7 projects selected at our County Fair to go on to the State Fair. She worked very hard on her projects and I couldn't be more proud of her! In order for a project to be selected for State Fair, it had to first earn a Purple ribbon at the County Fair. Here are her projects and how she did:

1. Recycled Garment - After last years not so good results in Recycled Garment, she out did herself this year earning praise and commendation, a purple ribbon and selected for State from the judges! She used elements from 3 different designs she found on Pinterest and combined them into a really cute dress - made from an old Men's 2x t-shirt!! She ended up with a blue ribbon at state.
Before: Men's 2x Shirt
After: Back view - it actually hangs better.
After: Front view 

2. Shopping in Style - Her other clothing project was a binder/scrapbook for Shopping in Style. This project involves quite a bit of work - figuring out what you need in your wardrobe, setting a budget for yourself, purchasing a complete outfit, figuring out how much it costs each time you wear it (and wash it), and presenting it in a format that's easy to read/understand! She got a blue ribbon at state.


3. Photography Unit 2 - Her first year in Unit 2 and being eligible for State Fair selection, and her composition print was selected! Her picture is one of A's friends. They go to pre-school and church together. He was eating his ice cream and though he'd show off his spoon flicking skills. E caught it on her camera. I just love the little twinkle in his eyes - ornery!! 

4. Heritage: Level 2 - E took this picture at her Great Grandpa's grave on Memorial Day 2012. She matted and framed it and wrote a letter to my Grandma about what it means to her that Grandpa served in the Navy and that my brother (her uncle) also serves in the Navy. She also thanked her for her support of him and our family. It brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it! She got a blue ribbon at state with it.

5. ESI: Interview and Entrepreneur - She interviewed my boss, Dave, about starting the floral wholesale business that I work at. She then designed a poster for it. She got a Purple ribbon at State.

6. ESI: Photo Story - After interviewing Dave, he gave her a tour of Cutts. She took pictures and created a photo story about it. She got a Blue ribbon at State. 

7. Activity with a Younger Child - Last fall, E and her 4-H club planned and raised money to put on a Dreams Come True tea party for the girls that lived at our local City Mission. It was an eye-opening experience for everyone! She created a beautiful scrapbook to document it. It got a Purple at state.

** I didn't have pictures of the last 3 projects. I will blog about her scrapbook and ESI projects once we get them back from the fair. **

The other project going is her sheep. She is taking 2 lambs to show. I can't wait to see how she does with them! I love that she is so active in 4-H. It is such a spectacular organization and she is learning so much! Along with learning skills, she is learning responsibility and how to deal with disappointment if something doesn't do as well as she would have hoped. Life lessons!!

We have stayed in the same hotel each time we've been out there. The kids love the pool and the waffle maker at breakfast. I love that it's not very far from the fairgrounds and my kids love the pool and waffle maker! Priorities!!

I hope everyone enjoys their Labor Day weekend - I know I will!!

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