Sunday, February 3, 2013

Let's Go Camping!

A year and a half ago my hubby indulged me and we bought a camper. Not the big enclosed kind (we are working our way up there) but a little ol' pop-up that we could easily pay cash for. I had been searching and searching like crazy for a camper that would fit our family and our budget. After a purchase fell through (the guy sold it before we got there) I quickly got on Craigslist and searched again. The first ad that popped up was for our {soon to be} new camper.

My poor hubby didn't even have time to walk in the house after work. I had him get in the car so we could go over there. This is what we found when we got there ~
 {Isn't it Cute!!!}

A {Vintage} 1968 camper. Everything was in PERFECT {& original} condition! We paid for it right away and while we were getting the tutorial from the previous owner on how everything worked for set up, take down, and storing, several more people came to purchase it! I was so happy it was OURS!

Here it is ~ all folded down and home.

We have really enjoyed having it the last few summers ~ and I am anxious to get it out again! Unfortunately it's February and there is snow covering it. We have taken it to the lake a few times each summer and left it set up in the driveway and camped at home. A even wanted to have his birthday party in there so we had supper, ate cake, and let him open presents (all while camped out in the driveway). 

Right now I have got Spring Fever and am planning camping trips and the garden. What do you like to do when warmer weather strikes?

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